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Workshops: Your team’s journey starts today.

Workshop Speaker Jamie Forward

Fuel Your Brain


What to eat for brain fuel, for peak performance and for better sleep. This isn't your typical nutrition class- we go deep into the science behind food and your brain.

Workshop Speaker Gizelle Erikson

Body Signals


A professional mime who studied under Marcel Maceau. Gizelle has spent decades communicating powerful messages without speaking. In this unique workshop, she teaches how to tap into your physical awareness and use 3 basic movements to effectively resolve conflict and more.

Workshop Speaker Welnys

Train Your Brain

Speaker: Welnys

You exercise to strenghten your body and practice to sharpen a skill. But what do you do to take care of your most important asset, your brain? In Train Your Brain how cultivating a mindful practice can help you become less stressed and more focused.

Workshop Speaker Move This World

Manage Mindfully

Speaker: Move This World

In this workshop, you won't be sitting, you'll be moving! Through laughter, play, connection and expression, managers will learn to cultivate an environment for clear communication, inspire their team by building a problem-solving culture, implement strategies to navigagte and resolve conflict, and strenghten the emotional intelligence of their team.

Workshop Speaker Gizelle Erickson

Insightful Leadership

Speaker: Gizelle Erickson

Learn about the 6 elements of leadership that come from the Native American, Aryvedic, Tibetan, and Chinese wellness systems.